CGEBG – Calgel Edge Bonding Gel 6ml

Calgel Perfect Series:
1. Calgel Edge Bonding Gel

Prescribed for: use when gel lifting occurs easily from the edges of the nails.
Product code: Calgel edge bonding gel CGEBG
Size: (mm): W32 H72 D20 oval
Contents: 6ml
Curing time: Dual nail light (UV/LED) 60 seconds / Crystal lamp (UV) 60 seconds.

Product properties:
? No damage to the natural nails and boasts all the properties of Calgel gels.

Methods of use:
1. For tip reinforcement:
After proper nail care and preparation. Apply a thin layer roughly 2 to 3 mm from the free edge. Cure and continue
normal application protocol.
? Apply as thinly as possible.
? Remove gently. Be careful to use force during removal. This can damage the natural nail.
? This product is flammable, please store correctly and take needed safety precautions.
? Store the container in a cool dark area, avoid sun and heat exposure.
? Please use in a well-ventilated space.



Calgel PERFECT Series

Based on Calgel’s philosophy to provide beautiful gel nails without the damage, even with years of wear.
This is a new series that allows you to maintain the healthy natural nails while having beautiful gel nails.

The true beauty of your nails is based on the health of the natural nails.

It is recommended to wear a Calgel application for an average of 3 weeks. Calgel is long lasting and removes easily while being gentle and not damaging the natural nail.

Please use the Calgel PERFECT Series for those individuals who may experience lifting of the product before the end of an application cycle of 3 weeks. This is normally due to lifestyle and daily habits. These customers are now also able to enjoy long lasting beautiful Calgel nails by incorporating the Calgel PERFECT series.

This series consists of 2 products namely, Calgel edge bonding gel and Calgel protect glitter gel, each with its own specified use.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 36 × 33.5 cm