Education is the cornerstone of our success. Our product users are the reason why we have succeeded in the industry, and we are dedicated to providing training and education programmes that guide those who are looking to become nail artists. Their success is our success.


Calgel Course and Certification

We aim to fully support you in your study of the Calgel system. We offer training courses by certified Calgel educators, who have all gone through intensive training and skill testing in preparation for sharing their knowledge.


Basic Application Training Courses

The completion of these courses certifies that you understand all the basics of the Calgel system. Students who have passed the basic application courses become qualified Calgel Nail Technicians, and are supplied with everything they need for training on site.

  • 3-day course for novices
  • 1-day course for trained nail technicians


Nail Art Training Course

For those looking to express  their creativity, our additional training is a must. The Calgel free-hand nail art course enables technicians to manipulate Calgel into designs that every client will love!

  • 1-day nail art course available

If there are specific techniques that you’d like to learn, we can also arrange custom training courses. In the same way as free-hand nail art, there is no single way to create beautiful designs… your imagination and determination will set the standard for future generations.

Take a look at the beautiful work our nail artists have created, and get ready to be inspired by Calgel nail art techniques.


Calgel Workbook

We have created a full-colour Calgel workbook, complete with clear illustrations, to complement the teaching of our skilled educators. Step by step, you’ll learn how to apply and remove Calgel quickly and safely without damaging the delicate nail. You’ll learn the ins and outs of nail anatomy, as well as how to identify diseases – all in preparation for the situations you may face throughout your career.


Further Qualifications

After completing basic training, a Calgel Nail Technician can study towards:

The Educator License
This license is given once a technician has successfully passed the licensing exam. Once you are an educator, you are considered an expert in Calgel techniques.

The Premier Status Diploma
An advanced course and exam with a focus on perfecting skill levels.
This diploma is the first step towards becoming an educator in the future.

Please contact our head office for details on the exam.