CGNWTGs – Calgel Non-wipe Topgel 3.5g

Capacity: 3.5g

No wipe required Calgel Non-wipe top gel

A non-wipe top gel with a UV protective formulation that does not require wiping after curing. It offers a high gloss finish and is flexible even after curing. Used on top of Calgel colour gel. The gloss of the top gel surface lasts for about 4 weeks.


Uses the most advanced ingredients:
1. To maintain outstanding shine and flexibility even after curing, resulting in a hard-to-break finish.
2. No need to wipe off after curing.
3. Consistency is easy to apply and offers a finish that does not crack.
4. Uses ingredients that have been registered as cosmetics on March 30, 2018.

Curing time:
UV 36 watt / Calgel Crystalamp: 180 seconds
Dual nail light (UV & LED): 30 seconds
* It is recommended to cure with Calgel’s dedicated Crystalamp or dual nail light. We cannot guarantee the curing of other companies’ lamps.

Precautions for use:

  • Please use ontop of Calgel color gel. Do not apply directly onto the nails.
  • Because it is easily affected by interior lights and ultraviolet rays, please note the following points:
    * Close the lid of the gel container diligently during use
    * Wipe off the gel brush diligently and close?the cap of the jar.
    * Avoid direct UV rays.
  • Do not mix with other gels.
  • Please use the brush properly for non-wipe top gel only.
  • Be careful not to apply a thick coat.
  • If the curing time is significantly exceeded or shortened, it may not be glossy.