How To Apply

Using Calgel

Looking for something a little different? Calgel opens up a world of possibilities to create truly inspired nails. We provide the tools, you provide the creativity…


Prepare the nails

Excess buffing and filing is unnecessary – all that’s required is a light preparation for application


Apply the clear coat

Calgel Natural Clear seals the nail in preparation for growth and gives it a glossy shine


Apply the colour coat

We have a wide variety of beautiful colours available – whichever you choose, say goodbye to chipping and peeling!


…Or choose a style

Enjoy Calgel in French, or perhaps extend nail length with our sculpture / overlay extensions – these are as flexible as natural nails and will support their growth


Refill Calgel

Instead of removing Calgel after 4 weeks, try a quick and easy refill to prolong your style


Home maintenance

Keeping your Calgel mani or pedi in excellent condition is as simple as removing and reapplying the topcoat once a week


Remove Calgel

When you do want to remove the product, Calaway makes the process simple