CGA01GD – Calgel Plus Colour Art Glitter Gel 1.5g

Colour Calgel Plus Range

Size: 1.5g

True gold art glitter used for nail art, mixing etc. Important to follow usage notes.


New cosmetic art glitter gel from Calgel

A new CONCENTRATED texture that does not require stirring.
6 colour options are available with multiple uses.
It has a paste consistency which is then diluted according to the requitement.

Recommended usage:
1. Use as it is
2. Mix with mixing gel, the strength of colour can be adjusted according to the requirement.
3. Mix with colour gel, it is recommended to use a sheer colour.
4. Mix with top gel for a glitter topcoat.
5. Tapping, for a matte metal look.
6. Glitter gradation, mix with mixing gel.

Curing time:
UV 36Watt or Crystalamp: 60 seconds
Dual nail light (UV & LED): 30 seconds
* It is recommended to cure with Calgel’s dedicated Crystalamp or dual nail light.?We cannot guarantee the curing of other companies’ lamps.

Precautions for use:
1. Since glitter tends to remain on the brush, it is recommended to use a designated brush for the art glitter gels.
2. Close the lid frequently after & during use to prevent curing,
3. When mixing do not use too much glitter in relation to the gel.

Q & A:
Q. Is it possible to apply solid color without mixing with mixing gel etc.?
A. Yes, but the texture is hard, so you need to adjust the brush pressure.
For a full colour coating, we recommend adjusting the viscosity with a mixing gel.
Q. Curing time when mixed (dual nail light / UV crystalamp)
A. Please cure according to the longer curing time.
Example) Glitter (dual = 30 seconds / UV = 60 seconds) + mixing gel (dual = 60 seconds / UV = 180 seconds) ?? Curing in 60 seconds / 180 seconds
Example) Glitter (dual = 30 seconds / UV = 60 seconds) + top gel (dual = 15 seconds / UV = 30 seconds) ?? 30 Curing in seconds / 60 seconds

* The image may differ slightly from the actual color.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 36 × 33.5 cm