CGTGs – Calgel Topgel 3.5g

Size: 3.5g
Semi-hard top gel

A semi-hard clear top gel for a high gloss finish. Applied as a finishing gel that leaves a glossy hard finish that lasts appproximately 4 weeks. The gloss of the top gel surface lasts for about 4 weeks.? This gel needs to be wiped with Calguard and a nail wipe after curing to remove the tacky layer.


Curing time:

36 Watt UV / Calgel Crystalamp: 30 seconds
Dual nail light (UV & LED): 15 seconds
* It is recommended to cure with Calgel’s dedicated Crysta lamp or dual nail light.?We cannot guarantee the curing of other companies’ lamps.

Precautions for use:
?E Do not mix with clear gel or color gel as it is for use as a top gel only.
?E Please use a seperate brush for use with top gel only.
?E Do not apply directly to the nails, as it is not for use as a base gel.

-If the curing time is significantly exceeded or shortened, gloss may not be obtained.