CGM01WH – Calgel Colour Plus 2.5g

Colour Calgel Plus Range
Size: 2.5g
Consistency: ★★★★ Full coverage
Bright white

Bright white. A highly pigmented colour perfect for full colour application, french-style nails & nail art.


How to use:
For use as a normal colour gel, it can be used for full colour application and nail art.
1. After applying Calgel base gel (either natural gel or control colour gel)
2. Apply 2 layers of Colour Calgel Plus and cure.  Single layer application can also be used as a base for nail art.
3. Apply your choice of Calgel Top Gel and cure.

Curing time:
36 Watt UV curing lamp or Calgel Crystalamp: 180 seconds
Dual nail light (UV & LED): 60 seconds
We cannot guarantee the curing of other companies’ lamps.

Precautions for use:
Be sure to apply on a cured layer of Calgel natural gel or control colour gel as a base layer to prevent staining of the nails.
Stir the jar well before use.

* The image may differ slightly from the actual colour due to varying screen resolutions and quality of image.

Top label indications:

M – Solid coverage
S – Sheer coverage
G – Has a glitter finish
A – Art
P – Pearl finish

Colour number:
The number of the colour in that colour range. e.g. 01 is the first colour in the colour group.

Colour code:
WH – White / BK – Black / GR – Green / PI – Pink / YE – Yellow / BR – Brown / BE – Beige / RE – Red / BL – Blue / OR – Orange / GY – Grey / PU – Purple / SL – Silver / GD – Gold / NE – Neon

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 36 × 33.5 cm