CGBK01s – Calgel Colour Classic 4g

Calgel classic colour gel

Size: 4g

Colour consistency: ★★★ semi-sheer to solid
Full coverage with 2-layer application

Black. Recommended for full colour application & nail art.

Density indicator: ★ translucent with 2-layer application / ★★ semi- translucent with 2-layer application / ★★★ translucent with 1-layer & full coverage on 2-layer application / ★★★★ full coverage / solid cover


Curing time:

  • UV 36-watt: 120-180 seconds
  • Calgel Dual nail light (UV/LED): 60 seconds
  • It is recommended to cure with Calgel’s dedicated dual nail light. We cannot guarantee the curing of other companies’ lamps.

Precautions for use:

  • Apply one layer of Calgel natural gel as a base layer and cure before starting colour application.
  • Always apply 2 x layers of Calgel colour gel to ensure coverage and strength.
  • Finish with Calgel top gel.
  • Mix the gel well from the bottom before use to ensure even colour distribution.

* The image may differ slightly from the actual colour.