CGA03BK – Calgel Plus Art Liner Black

Colour Calgel Plus Range – art liner gel

Size: 2.5g
Colour: solid black


Calgel Plus ART LINER gel 1.5g is exclusive to the Calgel Plus range.
This unique pigmented gel has multiple uses for drawing art within the Calgel Plus range.

Contents: 1.5g
Size: W36mm x H25mm x D33.5mm jar

Curing times:

  • 60 seconds in a dual lamp (UV/LED) for simple designs.
  • 120 seconds in the Crystalamp (OR 36-watt UV lamp) for simple designs.

Directions for use:

  • To be used as a liner gel for drawing art.
  • Use with a Calgel art liner brush.
  • Pick up a small amount of gel from the jar with a liner brush. Smooth onto a palette for easier application before applying to the nail. (Laminated paper can also be used).
  • After curing the art liner gel apply your choice of Calgel Top Gel (CGTGS, CGNWTGS or CGMTGS) and cure.
  • The viscosity / texture of each colour may differ slightly to ensure high pigment saturation.
  • The white art liner gel (CGA06WH) has a higher viscosity than the other art liner gel colours in the range.
  • Apply pressure to ensure thin application.

Q & A:

Q: Do you need a top gel?

A: Required. Be sure to finish with top gel (CGTGS / NWTGS / MTGS). Also, please refrain from wiping before the top gel is painted.


  1. Can I paint on the edges of the nails?
    ANSWER: It is possible but be cautious and ensure thorough seal with top gel. If not, the top gel will wear off and the liner gel applied to the edges may disappear.
  2. Is it possible to mix with liner gels / colour gels / powder (glitter)?
    ANSWER: Mixing with art liner gels: No problem, but the hardness of the gels is different, so the viscosity will change when mixed. Mix only the required amount as storage of a pre-mixed product is not recommended.
  3. Mixing with colour gel: Not recommended.
  4. Mixing with powder (glitter): Not recommended. Since it contains a lot of pigments, anything added will be difficult to see and it will create a product that is difficult to apply.
  5. Is it possible to make irregularities such as dots?
    ANSWER: It is possible to draw dots, but please ensure thin application to ensure even curing.
  6. Is stirring necessary?
    ANSWER: Stirring before use is required.
  7. What should I do if the gel collects on the tip of the liner brush?
    ANSWER: Use a palette or mixing plate to smooth the gel onto the brush. Do not apply the gel thickly.


  • Art liner gel should not be used for colour application, only for drawing art.
  • Clean your gel brush thoroughly after use & cover with a brush cap.
  • Avoid using your gel near an open window, or close to the curing lamp.
  • Store the gel jar in a cool dark area.
  • Clean the rim of the gel jar before closing it.
  • The pigments tend to remain on the brush, so using a dedicated separate brush.
  • Please close the lid diligently after use to avoid curing of the product in the jar.
  • The product is for a liner-only, please use for hand painted art only.
  • If there is a lot of uncured colour gel, it will be difficult to draw, ensure your colour layer is cured evenly before applying the art liner gel.

Do not apply thickly, as the art liner gel will battle to cure. Thin application only.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 36 × 33.5 cm