NEW Calgel + Plus Mixing Gel

Calgel launches NEW Calgel + mixing gel

Calgel has launched a new product for the new Calgel Plus colour gel range.
This product has a multitude of uses including, but not limited to the following:

Calgel Plus Mixing gel 2.5g is exclusive to the Calgel Plus range. This unique clear gel has multiple uses within the Calgel Plus range.

Contents: 2.5g
Product code: CG01MIX
Size: W36mm x H25mm x D33.5mm jar

Curing times:
• 60 seconds in a dual lamp (UV/LED) when mixed with Calgel + colour gel.
• 180 seconds in the Crystalamp (OR 36 watt UV lamp) when mixed with Calgel + colour gel.
• 30 seconds in a dual lamp (UV/LED) & 60 seconds in a Crystalamp (OR 36 watt UV lamp) when mixed with loose glitter, or for rhinestone application.
• Please note the curing times will depend on the mixing ratio.
Directions for use:
Calgel Plus mixing gel can be mixed with Calgel Plus colour gel to adjust the viscosity (thickness).
• Use it to improve the transparency of colours. For example, mixing it with a Calgel Plus solid colour will create a sheer colour gel, and mixing it with a sheer colour will lessen the sheer effect of the sheer colour.
• Mix various shades of colours that can be used for gradation (fading) and other nail art options.
Calgel Plus mixing gel can be mixed with Calgel Plus art glitter for various uses (please refer to the Calgel Plus art glitter usage notes for more information.

Important NOTES:
• Not to be used as a base or top gel layer.
• Clean your gel brush thoroughly after use & cover with a brush cap.
• Do not apply Calgel Plus mixing gel too thick or too thin.
• Scoop out the Calgel Plus mixing gel with a clean and oil free spatula, free from product residue. Be sure only to scoop out the correct amount needed as not to waste product.
Calgel Plus mixing gel is extremely sensitive to indoor and outdoor light. Close the lid as soon as you have removed the desired amount of gel. Avoid using it near an open window, or close to the curing lamp.
• Store the gel jar in a cool dark area.
• Clean the rim of the gel jar before closing it.