NEW pink Calgel base gel

NEW pink Calgel base gel – Calgel control colour base CG0Cs

Calgel’s NEW Calgel control colour base has a pink tint for…
  1. Ease of application due to better visibility
  2. Beautiful natural pink shade similar to that of the natural nail bed.
    This makes it great to use on it’s own for a natural gel overlay, or as a base for french-style nails.
  3. Use as a base for any colour applicaiton.
  4. So much more…

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Calgel’s new control colour base gel has the same loved properties of the long-standing Calgel natural gel that everyone knows and loves:

1. Self-leveling with a natural finish. Thin application.
2. Calgel boasts a gas permeable system which does not interfere with the moisture permeation of the nails. As the
moisture released from the nails, it evaporates through the gel layer, moisture does not accumulate between the gel
and the nail. This prevents lifting and the formation of microbes, and also prevents softening of the nail plate.
3. It is gentle to the natural nail – no harsh buffing or chemical primers are needed to improve adhesion to the nail plate.
4. You can use it to sculpt a nail or for nail repairs.
5. Promoting healthy nail growth by strengthening & supporting the nails. Calgel can be
used for a gel overlay on natural nails, for tip overlays or for gel sculptured extensions. It appears very natural because
only a thin layer of gel is required. Nail breakages occur less often due to Calgelʼs flexibility which also prevents the gel from cracking and chipping.
6. Calgel grows with the natural nails, allowing long-wear results. Salon visits can up to 4+ weeks, opening up the nail technician’s schedule to be available for more regular customers. This in return also promotes customer retention helping the technician to build a loyal customer base.
7. Calgel has stood the test of time, and has been trusted by the professionals since 1981.
8. Calgel can be easily and safely removed with Calaway. This eliminates the need to use harsh nail drills on the nails to
remove the product. It also means less harmful dust.

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