NEW Calgel brush cleaning gel

NEW Calgel brush cleaning gel








Calgel is lauching an exciting new Calgel brush cleaning gel on the 22nd of November 2021.

Calgel Brush Cleaning Gel 10ml CGBCG

Calgel brush cleaning gel 10ml is a unique brush cleaning and restoring gel.
This non-curing gel keeps your gel brushes clean and is used for regular brush care maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your gel brushes.

Contents: 10ml
Product code: CGBCG
Size: Tube body diameter 22φ, Tube length 60 mm, Opening diameter 2 mm


  • Quickly cleans the gel and colour residue from a used gel brush.
  • Regular use will prolong the lifespan of your gel brushes.
  • Convenient, easy-to-use tube.
  • The viscosity of the product makes it easy to apply directly to the tip of the brush.

Directions for use:

  • Wipe off any previous gel residue from the brush.
  • Apply a small amount of brush cleaning gel onto a palette or laminated paper. Work the product into the brush by wiping it onto the palette or paper.
  • Wipe off the residue. Repeat if necessary.
  • A small amount of brush cleaning gel can be saturated into the gel brush bristles for storage. This will help to condition the bristles. Wipe off any excess before covering and storing.
  • Remember to cover the brush with a brush cap and store in a cool, dark area to avoid any curing or hardening.


  • Close the cap tightly after use.
  • Brush cleaning gel has been designed exclusively for brush cleaning and has not been designed to use as a nail gel.
  • The brush cleaning gel needs to be wiped off from the brush before use.
  • Do not apply a bulk amount of brush cleaning gel to the gel brush when storing, as it will cause the brush to stick to the brush cap.

Tips on how to care for and store your gel brushes:

  • Cleaning or wiping the gel brush with solutions like Calguard & acetone will be too harsh and cause damage to the bristles of the brush.
  • If the gel brush has not been used for a very long time, and the brush is hard after removing the cap. Brush cleaning gel should be applied to the brush. Leave it for a while to soften before use.
  • If a brush has been cured by UV or LED it is recommended to discard the gel brush.
  • We recommend having a separate gel brush per use, for example 3x top gel brushes, etc. [Top Gel], [Non-Wipe Gel], and [Matte Gel]. Mark and store them individually.
  • You can also have a separate brush per colour use. For example [clear], [glitter], [dark colour], and [light colour].