New antibacterial top gel

Calgel launches a new antibacterial top gel

CGCTGS Clean top gel

Clean Top gel 3.5g CGCTGs

Calgel Clean Top Gel 3.5g is a semi-hard top gel that offers an antibacterial action to gel nails.
It provides a natural shine finish, that is easy to apply.
Contents: 3.5g
Size: (H)22mm x (W) 30mm jar
Product code: CGCTGs
Curing time:
60 seconds in a Dual lamp (UV&LED)
90 seconds in a Crystalamp (or 36-Watt UV lamp)

Directions for use:

  • Apply a thin layer of Calgel Clean Top gel directly on top of Calgel colour, or Calgel clear gel. Do not apply a thick layer.
  • After curing, wipe the tacky layer with a nail wipe and Calguard liquid.
  • To be used exclusively as a finishing gel. Do not use as a base gel layer, do not apply it directly to the nails.
  • Mix the gel thoroughly before use. Use a sterilized metal spatula or a disposable toothpick to stir.
  • For removal, remove the layer of top gel with an 80g nail file. Then follow the normal soak-off procedure, using Calaway.
  • It is recommended to have a separate brush for use only with Calgel top gel. Clean thoroughly after use and cover the brush with a brush cap.
  • Particularly recommended for use on toenails.


  • The product remains active until the gel is removed from the nail.
  • Do NOT mix Calgel Clean Top gel with any other gels. Use neat.
  • Calgel Clean Top gel is not a cure for any nail diseases or infections.
  • Calgel Top gel is extremely sensitive to indoor and outdoor light. Keep the jar closed between applications and avoid placing it near an open window or the curing lamp.
  • After use clean your brush thoroughly and cover with a brush cap.
  • Clean the jar rim after use, before closing it.
  • Store in a cool, dark area


  • We are inspecting with two typical bacteria (yellow staphylococcus and Escherichia coli).

(Effectiveness has not been confirmed for all bacteria.)

Test request destination: Japan Food Inspection

Test report issuance number: 220G018119-002

Q & A:

Q: Is there any anti-bacterial effect on the fingernails?
A: There is no antibacterial effect on the fingernails. It has an antibacterial effect only where the product has been applied on the gel nail surface. It forms a barrier on top of the gel surface. The nail itself does not become anti-bacterial.

Q: Isn’t Escherichia coli and yellow staphylococcus a food poisoning bacterium?
A: Escherichia coli and yellow staphylococcus are representative of various bacteria, so they are said to have antibacterial properties against most bacteria.

Q: Will a thick application of Calgel Clean top gel have more efficacy?
A: No, the antibacterial effect does not increase even if the thickness is increased.

Q: Does it have any odour?
A: After application it is not odourless, but it does not have a slight odour during the application procedure.

Q: Does the antibacterial property of the gel decrease if it is not used soon after first opening?
A: The antibacterial activity does not decrease over time, the potency will remain the same.

Q: Is it effective to apply it to anything other than nails (e.g., caps and brushes)?
A: Yes, it has an antibacterial effect even if it is applied to items other than the nails.

Q: Why is the gel cloudy?
A: It contains silver ions as a component of the gel that gives the gel a cloudy appearance, however after curing the gel appears clear.

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