Nail art step by step – Raised leaf nail art

Nail art step by step

Raised leaf nail art

Botanical nail art (raised leaves)

Follow the instructions below, or click the image to download the guide.

Botanical nail art 02 MIX Pro B mag 02.2022








Step 1:
After nail preparation and base gel application using Calgel natural gel apply 2 layers of beige gel colour. I used Calgel + M07BE.

Step 2:

Mix blue colour gel with Calgel cream art mixing gel. I used blue from Calgel + M08BL.

Step 3:

Draw a guideline of the leaf design onto the nail using the gel mixture and a thin nail art brush. Do not cure.

Step 4:

Use the same mixture to layer until you achieve the desired raised “height”. Cure using a dual curing lamp.

Step 5:

Apply a layer of Calgel matte top gel. Cure and wipe to reveal the matte effect.

For a more interesting effect, you can also apply a layer of glossy top gel on only the leaf or design detail to enhance it even more.

I recommend Calgel non-wipe top gel.

leaf nail art with 02MIX


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