Chic ombre with raised leaves – nail art step by step guide

Chic ombre with raised leaves – nail art step by step guide

Follow our latest nail art step by step guide to create this stylish look using Calgel + Art glitter gel.

You can download by clicking on the image below, or follow the steps as mentioned in the text below the image.

Step 1
After preparing the nails, apply one layer of Calgel natural gel as a base layer and cure. Follow with an application of two layers of
Calgel plus sheer white (CG S07WH). Cure each layer separately. Mix Calgel silver artglitter (CG A03SL) with Calgel Plus mixing gel
(CG 01MIX). Use 3 parts mixing gel to 1 part of Calgel plus art glitter. Apply to the tips of the nails and blend the edges to create a subtle ombre effect.

Step 2
Draw a thin, slightly curved vertical line with Calgel Plus sheer black (CG S02BK) using a Calgel marble brush and cure. Draw leaves onto the line using Calgel Plus sheer grey (CG S02GY) and cure.

Step 3
Now use Calgel plus mauve pink (CG M12PI) and the marble brush to add colour to the grey leaves by lining them with the marble brush , sightly overlapping the grey area and cure.

Step 4
Using the marble brush, outline the lower parts of the leaves and stem with thin lines using Calgel plus solid black (CG M01BK). Outline the remainder of the leaves with Calgel plus solid white (CG M01WH). You can also use the white to create the vein of each leaf and cure.

Step 5
Finish your nail set with an application of Calgel matte top gel on the accent nails and cure. Do not remove the tacky layer. To create the raised effect, apply a generous amount of Calgel top gel to the leaves only and cure. You can use the marble brush for this. Remove the tacky layer to reveal the effect. Finish the other nails with Calgel top gel or matte top gel if you prefer, depending on your client’s preference.

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