Proven to protect nails

Calgel is a soft-gel nail product that gently promotes healthy growth, leaving no damage to natural nails.

Flexible and chip-free

Once Calgel has been correctly applied and cured, the flexibility of the product means that chips and breakages are a thing of the past.

Fast and clean application

Calgel is quick to apply with its smooth, self-leveling quality. No final filing or buffing is required.

Safe and easy removal

Removing Calgel is made simple with our complementary product, Calaway. It leaves natural nails healthy and undamaged.

Naturally beautiful

Calgel can be used for tip overlays, sculpture, or simply to protect nails. A layer of Calgel is so thin that it looks totally natural.

Minimal buffing required

Preparing for Calgel requires just a light buffing, which ensures that nails are undamaged before application.

Superior adhesion = low maintenance

Calgel is a long-lasting product that only requires a salon visit every 3-4 weeks, saving the client money and the technician time.

No damage to natural nails

Calgel, as well as all products used for application, are designed to be as harmless as possible. We also offer a wide variety of nail care and treatment products.

Extremely low odour

Unlike acrylic and fibreglass application, dust and strong chemical odours are greatly lessened with Calgel, as no filing is required when finishing.

Allows natural nails to breathe

Calgel is a gas permeable product that allows moisture and air to reach the nail bed. In the same way, moisture released from the nails evaporates through the gel layer, preventing fungus or peeling.

Stringent quality controls

Calgel is proudly made in South Africa and has been used in loyal salons for over 20 years. Our product is renowned across the country for its reliability and quality, and is exported around the world.